Zara Has Arrived! Yey!!

Well she has finally arrived, the gorgeous Zara SmartLace wig by Jon Renau.... MY Zara wig!

When my ups man knocked on the door it would be an understatement to say that i was just merely excited, i could barely contain myself which left Mr ups (i always have the same ups man) looking at me puzzled lol. But i didn't care, i was far too excited to worry about weather or not Mr ups thought i was a nutter!

I ordered Zara in the colour 130 / 4 which is a dark chestnut brown base colour with a vibrant red / burgedy kind of streaked through it. It is a very pretty colour and the complete opposite from my usual platinum blonde!

When i took Zara out of the box the first thing i did was have a good look at the cap design. The cap design on Zara has a welded lace front from temple to temple, a monofiliment top and open wefted back and sides. All the info i recieved about Jon Renau wigs when they first selected me and Advanced Wigs to carry their range/s was that the cap sizes are a medium average and that they can be adjusted by up to half an inch, this is mis leading though as you can actually adjust the cap by much more than half an inch in my opinion, which is great as i have a petite / small head size!

The density of Zara is perfect, not too thick and bulky and not too thin and scraggly. The synthetic hair is also very very nice, its not un - naturally shiny, it looks very natural, also the hair movement is very natural which i love! One thing i think i will do with Zara is trim back the lace front just a little bit, she is advertised as pre cut and ready to wear, which is perfectly true, but because i have a very very fair skin tone and the hair colour is quite dark, i think trimming back the temple to temple lace will make this natural looking wig, look undetectable for me.

The pics i have posted below are of me wearing Zara straight out of the box, the only thing i have done to her is part the hair where i prefer it to be parted and removed the hand tag. My best friend and stylist Annette is going to cut me a really soft side fringe into it tomorrow, so check back for updated pics and the finshed look.

For now though, take a look at the pics below and let me know what you think!

Emma xxx
Advanced Wigs


Just so everyone knows, i am in no way a poser! i hate having my pic taken and it took around 60 pics of me for me to pick out the ones i actually liked! and i still cringe when i see the above pics lol
Em xxx
It looks really beautiful the length is perfect and the colour is gorgeous - it really suits you!
Thank you very much Scrapbook Bazaar! Its lovely to get some feedback on how it looks, it feels really confortable so far, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts! Em xxx
SaraEmmalu said…
gosh i take it back, this shade of red looks FANTASTIC on you ... i love it , i like the natural looking hair line at the front ... :-) ... very pretty :-)
Thanks SaraEmmalu, it feels really light to wear as well which is great, its amazing how different a change in hair colour / style makes you feel. Em xxx
Anonymous said…
I also wear the zara wig. I wear a shade that has light blonde, red, and some brown streaks. I like the lighter color because you cannot see the knots wefted in on the lace. So it looks more natural. Infact, this wig looks so natural that people have no idea I wear a wig. It's great. I do wear it everyday though so it only lasts about a month. How long have you been able to wear yours? I wear it in a side pony tail, back ponytail, wear it down, wear it with a half ponytail, and many other styles. I also wear headbands too. I love love love my zara. It looks great with a side part. This is the best wig I have ever owned. I have owned a lot too. It looks very nice on you
Raquel said…
I really want this wig! It looks so great on you... but do you ship to the US by any chance? -Raquel
Thanks for both your comments :-) i tend to wear synthetics wigs a day here and there, and wear my human hair wigs as my main hair.

Yes we can ship to the US, thats no prob :-)

Emma xx
Anonymous said…
Wow - that looks totally realistic from here! The hairline looks great - I was reading your post and thought okay here come the pics where it looks not so great - eg: you can tell she is wearing a wig - so I was amazed to see something so natural looking!! Totally cool. I am sold.

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