A Very Shocked Friend

One of my very best friends in the whole wide world is also my stylist and the stylist that cuts my customers hair / wigs / pieces if they chose to take advantage of this service (lets call her Netty!). Not only is she funny, kind and caring but she is also down to earth, honest and does not mince her words! lol and most importantly, she is an amazing stylist.

Around a week ago now me and Netty went to visit one of my customers in her home and Netty cut her human hair wig for her. My customer asked me if i had new hair to which i replied @yes actually it is new! although not brand new ( i have had the amber wig a bit now) it was different to what i was wearing the last time i had seen her. My customer commented on how natural the parting area looked on my hair and asjed about the cap construction, i thought instead of tryig to explain what the cap construction was like i would just show her so i proceeded in 'whipping' my wig off and handing it to my customer to take a look at.

Now...... although i am not usually bothered about people seeing me hair less, it suddenly dawned on me that Netty had never actually seen me without my hair on the whole 10 years that we have been friends! I realised this about 30 seconds after i had handed my customer my wig and when i looked at Netty and smiled she was very wide eyed and open mouthed........ and quite! Now Netty is never ever quite, she always has something to say about everything, not in a nasty way, but she will always voice her opinion..... but i swear to god she was silent!

My customer handed me back my hair, and i popped it back on....... Netty still silent, mouth now closed, eyes still wide.

Me and Netty finished with my customer and off we went back to my house for a cuppa and a chat, though she never mentioned my hair less ness, and me being me, i just forgot it had even happened.

Well, Netty has been up to mine again today for a cuppa and a chat and we were happily talking away (well i was anyway) when she suddenly blurted something out, stopping me mid sentance..... heres what she said

"Emma, i have known you for years now and i have never ever seen you without your hair on and even though i have always know you have had alopecia i was really shocked when i saw you"

'Why?' i asked, at this point laughing!

"Well" she continued " i didnt expect you to have...... no hair at all"

Ok, this was just to much for me to take and i just had to laugh and siad to her "Netty, i have told you loads of times that my head is as smooth as a babies bottom! what did you think i was just being dramatic!"

Netty just looked at me a little saddly and said that she didnt really know what she thought, then my daughter started demanding a cheese sandwhich so our hair less ness converstaion was cut short. I totally forgot about it untill she brought it up again about an hour later, asking me if i ever get upset about not having any hair, to which i replied No, i have had alopecia a very long time now and its like the norm to me now,

She seemed to cheer up a bit after that and returned to her bubbly self, but it got me thinking about just how major hair loss can be, i mean, even though i am fine with how i am, i could see in Nettys eyes when she was talking to me about it she felt really sad inside, almost like she could cry. I may have to start being more tactfull around my friends about my hair loss, and make it very clear that if they ever see me without my hair on, i really dont have any hair! lol

Just goes to show how the reality of alopecia can affect not only the sufferer, but also those who are close to them,

Emma xxx
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Shirley Dixon
Hi Emma, I can very well understand her reaction. being told by a friend they are completely bald, and always seeing them with gorgeous wigs on it would come as a shock. We just can't visualize it, after all a woman's hair is her " crowning... glory!, well so they say. Going off mine that's a load of rubbish!but,when we are faced with something that a friend has that is dramatic, and the fact it is about your feminine looks, then we are shocked and feel sad for you. Quite wrong i know. You have accepted your hair loss and embraced your new found look!
So i think her reaction would be similar to many of us suddenly confronted with your lovely smooth as a babies bum head :)

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