Not more snow :-(

Hi everyone,

Well i cant bloody believe it!

I was happily walking my little girl to nursery thismorning and it started snowing! My nearly 3 year old daughter was very excited to say the least but i am devestated because it just delays every aspect of my wig addiction and wig business. God i sound like an old fuddy duddy dont i!

The thing is patience is a virtue, but unfortuantly, patience wears very thin very quickly when you are waiting for your new hair to arrive through the post, i know how impatient i get when i am waiting for my new hair to arrive, even the usual next day for delivery feels like a lifetime. I am the kind of person that likes to please everyone all the time, which is just impossible i know, but still you cant change who you are can you, and to be quite honest, i dont think i would want to change who i am, i am a nice person even if i do say so myself! Unfourtantly though, not all customers see things this way, not that i am moaning, like i said i am also quite an impatient person when it comes to my wigs, but if you are a customer reading this or are thinking of becoming a customer of mine then please do bear in mind that when the weather is very bad and mister postman or mister courier service can not delivery, it is not personally my fault!

By all means please do feel free to give me an email or a call to complain about the weather but please have a heart and dont hold me persoanlly responsible! Now if your within walking distance in sheffield and i have your wig with me than i am more than happy to meet you half way, or even walk right to your door if your close enough, but if you live anywhere else i am powerless to the forces of nature, i will be cursing the weather right along with you!

Anyway, just a little gruble, not about my customers because i love and appreciate you all! a grumble about the weather, and a little Blog post to reassure you that if i can get your order to you i will,

Take care in this snow and if you dont need to travel dont bother, my car is currently stuck at the bottom of our road, and i now face a slippery walk to nursery to collect an excited nearly 3 year old...... wish me luck!

Emma xxx
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