The New Sentoo Wig Collection

As promised i am going to have a write about the new Sentoo Collection of wigs,

Ill start by quoting a few sentences from the new brochure,

"This collection aims at enabling wearers of any age to feel comfortable all day long. It is designed for those wishing for a natural look with unknown comfort and is especially suited to twoman with sensative scalps.

Each Sentoo Collection wig feels like it has been custom made, which is not suprising as these wigs are unsurpassed in their design and construction. More over, they allow for maximum movement and possess a totally natural appearence.

The Sentoo Collection stands out by some unique characteristics

  • as light as a feather
  • hand tied
  • monofiliment construction
  • invisible lace front
  • a soft velvety feel
  • natural colours
Ok, now its back to me! Me personally , the first thing i always want to know about any wig is what kind of cap costruction does it have. Personally i like a lace front, preferably one that does not require glues or tapes to attach (i dont mind tape so much, but glue bugs me a bit!) Then i want to know is the hair synthetic or human hair, then i want to know what colours i can have and ofcourse the price!

So lets start with the cap construction of a Sentoo Wig, every cap construction in this range is the same, no matter what style you chose.

Fine Lace Front - Sentoo wigs have a fine lace front that extends from temple to temple and rigid ear tabs (flakes) that give the wig the strecgth it needs to be secure on your head even though it is a glueless application.

Soft Monofiliment Top - The monofiliment top has been specially designed to be comfortable and ultra soft against your scalp, monofiliment also gives the appearence of natural hair growth and a natural part no matter what your skin tone.

Hand Tied crown area - The crown area of a Sentoo wig is hand tied and made from stretch lace, meaning that it will hug your head for extra security and be non irritant.

Elastic lace weft - the very back section of a Sentoo Wig is open wefted and held together with soft elastic lace that adds more security and a comfortable cool natural wear.

Nape - the nape area has adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit, simply move the adjusters to your preference.

The Sentoo Collection features 15 synthetic fibre wigs and 2 human hair wigs. All the wigs in the Sentoo range are pree cut and styled and ready to wear, they look stunning! Take a look below at a few of my fave styles, notice how the synthetic fibre is a natural, semi matt appearence, not shiny or stiff looking, you can tell its high quality fibre.

From left to right (top row) - Myu / Aya / Natsu (synthetic fibre)
From left to right (bottom row) - Sumire / Mori (100% human hair)

As you can see the colour choices available look really natural, which is what many of us are after, naturalness. The full Sentoo Collection is now on the website but we are not legally able to display the prices for each wig on the website. The Sentoo wigs are on a POA basis (price on application) which basically means just give us a call, text or email and we will be able to tell you the price of your chosen Sentoo wig.

One thing i will say though is that for how they are made and the exceptional quality they are, the Sentoo wigs are very reasonably priced.

As always, i will at some point be sampling one or two of these wigs lol. I already have my eye on the Mori human hair wig and the Myu synthetic fibre wig from this collection. I usually wear human hair so i think my first 'purely to test and review' purchase will be Myu as she is synthetic, i want to see if they really are as good as i belive them to be!

Emma xxx
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Anonymous said…
Hi, do you know which hair type Sentoo use for their human hair wigs? Thanks.

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