Me and my Headscarves LOL!

Hello all!

Well its friday night and my daughter is finally a sleep (little madame) so its time for a little Blogging.

You have all seen me in variuos wigs over the past weeks / months. But i must admit that wigs are not my only obsession. If your reading this and you have alopecia or are experience hair loss because of  chemo etc then you will know that when you go to bed at night, if you have no natural hair it can get a little bit cold on top! I love wearing pretty headscarves and bandanas around the house and for bed to keep me nice a snuggly and also so that, if the post man or my Mr Ups knocks at the door, i wont frighten him with my silky smooth and soft head!

I have loads of 'headwear' other than my wigs, a have included a couple of my fave headscarves and my fave bandana below, Can you tell i like pink?

You can get some really pretty bandanas and headscarves for just a few punds from places like Claires accessories, Matalan, Primark and ebay. And if you have hair loss and you dont want to wear a wig, but also you are un comfortable going out 'bare' headscarves and bandanas can help you feel more confident and femanine and head you nice and warm!

Love Emma xxx
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PS - Please excuse the not oh so sexy nightwear! Its nearly bedtime for me lol
PPS - The first pic below is making my eyes look rather strange! it looks like one is bigger than the other! i'm off to the mirror now to check my 'bigger eye' out! 


Love your blog and i must say your nightwear is one up on my rupert the bear style trousers!
Ha Ha! Yes well i have the rubert bear bear Pj's as well lol. and dont even get me started on my slipper collection lol. Oh the glamour....
Thanks for your comment xxx
SaraEmmalu said…
i normally wear a black bandana inbetween wearing my wig and i go to bed with it on, just wanted to say thank you for showing your scarfs/headwear, think i might get something pretty to :-)
I have a few black ones too, last year my hubby bought me a pink bandana with little piggies on as a pressie after we had an argument! I forgave him straight away, how could i resist those little piggies lol,
Thanks for your comment xxx

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