Going red!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that after years off being a bit of a synthetic snob (old dog, new tricks etc....) i have actually decided to go for a synthetic fibre wig! Why? because there so bloody nice and afordable thats why!

You see, i'm a mum of 2 and step mum to 3, i like everyone else have my rent to pay every month (and it comes round quick!) my gas, electric, water rates, council tax, car insurance, diesel (oh god if i carry on ill be depressing myself lol) and although my current wig (Amber human hair by Trendco) is still gorgeous and full of life, and recently re styled i might add, i am still longer for something different. I suppose its all part and parcel of being the wig addict that i confess to be. So anyway, after browsing and browsing and pondering and asking the opinion of nearly everyone i meet, i have decided to go dark, well dark reddish really and for my length i have decided to make a dramatic turn from my current aysenetrical bob Amber Wig, to a long and lovely length. So to re - cap i am going from short and platinum blonde to long and dark red!

The wig i am going for is the Zara Wig by Jon Renau and Zara is part of their SmartLace collection (Soon available in human hair aswell, but thats a seperate Blog!) and the colour i am going for is the 130/4, quite vibrant but what the hey i need cheering up! Take a look at the Zara SmartLace wig below

The colour above is not the 130/4 but the style and length is the same. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this wig! and ofcourse, getting my head into it lol. I will write a little review about Zara when i recieve her and also i will do a vid for Youtube which i will add to this Blog.

Emma xxx
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SaraEmmalu said…
well change your colour is always exciting to try ... i LOVE the colour and style of the picture above, i think that colour would suit you :-) ... will look forward to seeing it in the reddish colour tho :-)
Thanks for your comment, zara should be arriving today, i am very excited! xx
Anonymous said…
please post some pictures and your thoughts on "zara"
thank you-
Hey there, thanks or your comment.
D ou mean the Zara SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau? I have a post on this blog all about Zara and that has lots of pics on it of me wearing the Zara too, as well as the cap construction. http://diary-of-a-self-confessed-wig-addict.blogspot.com/2011/01/zara-has-arrived-yey.html
Hope this helps!
Em xxx

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