Friday, 21 January 2011

Going red!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that after years off being a bit of a synthetic snob (old dog, new tricks etc....) i have actually decided to go for a synthetic fibre wig! Why? because there so bloody nice and afordable thats why!

You see, i'm a mum of 2 and step mum to 3, i like everyone else have my rent to pay every month (and it comes round quick!) my gas, electric, water rates, council tax, car insurance, diesel (oh god if i carry on ill be depressing myself lol) and although my current wig (Amber human hair by Trendco) is still gorgeous and full of life, and recently re styled i might add, i am still longer for something different. I suppose its all part and parcel of being the wig addict that i confess to be. So anyway, after browsing and browsing and pondering and asking the opinion of nearly everyone i meet, i have decided to go dark, well dark reddish really and for my length i have decided to make a dramatic turn from my current aysenetrical bob Amber Wig, to a long and lovely length. So to re - cap i am going from short and platinum blonde to long and dark red!

The wig i am going for is the Zara Wig by Jon Renau and Zara is part of their SmartLace collection (Soon available in human hair aswell, but thats a seperate Blog!) and the colour i am going for is the 130/4, quite vibrant but what the hey i need cheering up! Take a look at the Zara SmartLace wig below

The colour above is not the 130/4 but the style and length is the same. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this wig! and ofcourse, getting my head into it lol. I will write a little review about Zara when i recieve her and also i will do a vid for Youtube which i will add to this Blog.

Emma xxx
Advanced Wigs


SaraEmmalu said...

well change your colour is always exciting to try ... i LOVE the colour and style of the picture above, i think that colour would suit you :-) ... will look forward to seeing it in the reddish colour tho :-)

emma@advanced-wigs said...

Thanks for your comment, zara should be arriving today, i am very excited! xx

Anonymous said...

please post some pictures and your thoughts on "zara"
thank you-

emma@aspire-hair said...

Hey there, thanks or your comment.
D ou mean the Zara SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau? I have a post on this blog all about Zara and that has lots of pics on it of me wearing the Zara too, as well as the cap construction.
Hope this helps!
Em xxx