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Hello all!

How are you all doing? well i hope :-)

We  have just set up a new page on the Advanced Wigs website with different ways of getting your new hair for that little bit less! I was in 2 minds on weather or not to publish the new page entitled 'Get Money Off!' but in the end i thought it would be a good idea as, lets face it, we all need to be getting some money off things at this time of year especially with the recent VAT increase..... 20%.... oh my lord.....

Anyway, a few ways we have come up with of getting a bit of money off your new hair is too submit to us a review of a wig you have previously purchased from us (only helpful if your a returning customer) reviewing us on Freeindex (you dont have to have purchased a wig, you can also review Advanced Wigs on there customer service) and, prob the most exciting way to get money off is our Comp to.... well.... win a wig really!

Yes you did read correctly! Our win a wig comp will start soon and if you would like to enter all you have to do is email your entry to us and we will pick a winner at random on the announce date. Keep following this blog and also the Advanced Wigs website for info on when the comp will be open to entries, when the winner will be announced and what wig is up for grabs! It could me anything as yet, we are undecided on which wig to put up for grabs. It could be amore, noriko, raquel welch, revlon, natural image, a full lace wig etc...... any opinions / suggestions welcome!

So keep your eyes open and keep following this Blog as well as the Advanced Wigs website. You can also sign up to the Adanced Wigs Newsletter for up to the minute info on all offers, comps and you will also recieve exclusive subscriber only discounts towards money off wigs, pieces and more!

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    Take care and i will be back with another blog soon,

    Emma xxx
    Advanced Wigs


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