Saturday 4th Decemeber 2010

Hello from a very cold self confessed wig addict.

The weather outside is terrible, the snow is so deep i cant even get my car off the drive, which is leaving me stuck in the house feeling quite cabin feverish.

On an up note i ma loving my latest purchase of the Amber Wig By Trendco! I have been wearing her for a couple of weeks now i think and i can honestlky say she is a very welcome addition to my forever ezpanding collection of wigs. The best think about Amber is the fact that she is totally Glueless. Every morning i can put her on in around 5 seconds and at night i can take her off for bed without having to use lace release, c22 spray etc...... Great for me as i am soooooooo lazy, especially during the winter when its too cold and i am too tired to make that extra effort!

Amber arrived from my supplier in very good time, the next day to be exact. She was snuggled up in her fancy silver and black box, lovingly wrapped in the most delicate transparent tissue paper and black hair net. You see know the addiction part is coming out in me!

I knew as soon as i took her out of the box that we were going to have no problems at all in getting along, the colour i had chosen was a 102/22 (light blonde mix) and although this is a slightly lighter mix than i usually wear i was glad i had dared to be a shade braver!

She came with a slight wave / curl to her but you could see the texture was clearly silky straight, not a problem, the straightners will make easy work of this!

So, what do i love so much about The Amber Wig by Trendco?

  • she is glueless! always a bonus
  • she is made from the softest most beautiful genuine remy hair, no tangles
  • she has an adjustable back, so she feels really snug
  • her small welded lace front gives a natural enough look, i would still wear her with a soft fringe though
  • she is very comfortable
  • she is going to lat at least 6 months. I had the Diamond wig from trendco some time ago now and i got 11 months out of her!
If you look at the top of the page , the header is made out of photos of me wearing Amber.

Another thing i always want to know when i get new hair to add to my collection is what the inside of the cap is like, i must admit that knowing exactly what the cap construction is like is aa big part of my wig addiction, so if your a fellow self confessed wig addict, make this an important part of your addiction!

Ambers cap is below,

So to sum everything up i am really really happy with Amber.
The only thing is ........... i want more! I know i know, its silly but i have recently had a client of mine purchase the Diamond Wig by Trendco from me, in a colour 5# and she just looks sooooo beautiful that i really want one for me!!

My partner Gary is not too pleased about this as you can imagine, he says he cant recognise me form day to day with the collection of hair i have already, never nmind if i get anymore!

But thats the whole addiction part right? You know how you see on telly all those rich woman who have entire rooms or closets devoted to shoes, well that would be me if i was rich! apart from i would have an entire room devoted to hair!

Emma xxx
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