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Hi all!

Well if your all anything like me you are prob feeling the pinch with the pennies at this time of year (christmas kills me every year i always say i wont spend much, but i always do). It is gonna take me until next christmas to get my finances back in order i think!

I wanted to do a little Blog to let you all know that i have had the pleasure of being able to supply quite a few new wig ranges lately. Now comes the job of actually adding each wig to the website! So keep checking back to the website as you will notice more new wigs being added daily.

One range that i am very excited about is the Revlon range. If your a fan of lace front wigs (and who isn't) then there are quite a few wigs in the Revlon range that offer a totally gluless lace front cap construction. Yep, thats right..... no glue or tape needed what so ever (you can use some low tack tape, but it is optional) Needless to say i am now wanting one or two of these gorgeous wigs, and i just want to point out that the new synthetic fibre is fantastic! After years of being a bit of a human hair snob (i know, i am sorry) i have now discovered that the synthetic fibre is amazing. High quality, easy maintanance, natural non shiny look and most importantly more affordable! And i am def the kind of girl that likes a bargain!!

So lets get this Blog going now with a few wigs from The Revlon simply beautiful collection that i think are going to prove very popular in 2011, not just with my customers, but with me aswell!

The Expression Wig by Revlon (above) is part of the new Simply Beautiful Translucence collection. The style is a below the jaw length bob in a silky straight texture and comes in a gorgous selection of salon inspired colours. The hair is high quality synthetic fibre (not that you could tell!) and will keep its shape and style even after washing. This is a very low maintance wig that is great for woman on the go, its as easy and take it out of the box, give it a shake, put it on and away you go! Great for everyone. Take a look at the cap construction below.The Cap construction for the Expression wig by Revlon (as with all the Revlon wigs within the Translucence collection) features

  • a fine french monofiliment top that takes on the natural appearence of your own natural skin tone for a realistic scalp and part look
  • Delicate lace that frames the face from ear to ear for a natural look and an invisible front hairline
  • Tiny fine hair that is hand tied into the the lace
  • 2 smooth adjustable tab closures at the nape so you can adjust the size of the wig easily and quickly for a custom fit
  • elastic lace that allows the cap to stretch for more flexability
  • hand tied feature that hugs the head for a better and more snug fit.

The Toching wig by Revlon is also a part of the new Translucence collection and also features the ear to ear lace front, mono top and adjustable cap construction. Touching is a modern longer bob style and again can be parted anywhere within the mono top construction meaning you can wear it exactly how you want to. Made from high quality synthetic fibre the style will last and last with minimal effort.

Moving onto another range from Revlon is the Select Fit cap deisgn. The select fit is a patented adjustable cap construction with velcro tabs that provide a custom fit. The select fit adjusts from average to small to large. Take a look at what i think is going to be a best seller in 2011 in the select fit collection.

The Snuggle wig features the Select Fit cap construction. Snuggle is made with the same high quality synthetic hair as all the Revlon wigs and pieces. The style is a short bob that generally falls just below the ears. A very flattering look no matter what your face shape. The fringe can be brought froward or brushed to the side and you can change the parting position thanks to the clever and ultra soft monofiliment top area. The backof the Snuggle wig is a gorgeous layered almost graduated bob cut, can you tell the bob is going to be big in 2011!

Take a look at the cap construction for the Snuggle wig below

So what exactly are you gonna benefit from with the Select Fit cap construction?

  • ultra fine mesh monofiliment fabric that takes on the natural look of your scalp and skin tone
  • Polyurethane strips to prevent any slippage
  • a delicate hand tied lace front section for a natural looking hair line
  • Most styles feature open ear tabs
  • elastic lace so the cap can stretch more
  • pull the velcro tabs for an adjustable and custom fit
  • 4 adjustable tabs extend from the crown to the nape
  • 2 adjustable tabs across the back of the hair line

Now moving on to a different cap construction from Revlon wigs. The Monofiliment wig. This collection of wigs has been designed for women with sensitive scalps that are experiencing hair loss and want a natural look and feel with amazing comfort. Take a look below at the Treasure Wig

The Treasure wig is going to be a big big hit i just know it! It is a gorgeous wig that has longer flipped out layers and a soft full fringe that can be brushed to the side if youd prefer. This style kind of reminds me of a modern Jennifer Aniston kind of look, i dont know maybe its just me, but i think it is really something quite special! Treasure is made from synthetic finre so its going to keep its style even after washing and will never lose its body and shape. Gorgeous hair all day every day, no effort required, sound fantadtic to me! The cap constriction has a monofiliment top so you can part the hair anywhere you like within the area and an adjustable size cap.

Now moving rather swiftly along to a human hair wig offered by Revlon. The Lana wig, take a look below

The Lana wig is a lace front wig so it is going to give you that really natural front hairline. She is made with 100% human hair and has a double layer swiss monofiliment top section for a natural scalp and part look. Lana is a very long wig so if your a fan of longer hair then your really going to love this one! Like i said it is human hair so the Lana wig will require more careing for than a synthetic wig but she is so worth it with how gorgeous you will feel when your wearing her!

So there we go! My predictions for whats gonna be hot in 2011, what do you think? comment and let me know! Dont be shy, also if anyone has any requests on what they would like me to Blog about nect just let me know, I want to be useful to you lol. I am now able to offer the full Revlon range on the website and will be adding new wigs daily so if you are after a wig that you cant find on the website just give me an email or a call as i can def sort you out its just i may have not gotton around to adding that particular wig or piece just yet!

Bye for now and if i dont write before have a really happy new year and have a drink for me as instead of partying this year i will be bloody working!

Emma xxx
Advanced Wigs Uk


Anonymous said…
I own Expressions and it's a lovely piece. It is fully hand-tied and not wefted. The cap does ride up at the nape, I use clips in the back. The style and the colour (I have 12R) are gorgeous. It looks like I straightened my hair.

I also tried Impression on, also a lovely style and the colour Toasted Shine is beautiful.
Hi there and many thanks for your comment!
I have had my eye on the expression wig for a while, it looks gorgeous so its nice to hear that it also looks fab on :-)
Emma xxx
erica said…
Do you have any idea how long the Lana wig lasts?
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi Erica,

The lana HH wig would maybe last around 6-8 months with good care and everyday wear. It is so trickly to apply a lifespan to a wig as it really does depend on how its treated. Hope this helps! Em xxx

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