Could i be a red head?

Hello fellow wig addicts!

The snow has finally stopped falling in Sheffield and we have now been left with a more than generous amount of Ice on the roads of our village. Can you believe that our local council actually 'forgot' to grit our roads? Maybe i should 'forget' to pay my council tax this month lol (Local council if your reading that is a joke, i promise i will pay)

Anyway, i had a bit of a sad moment the other day when i had to return a branded wig for one of my clients. She had decided that the colour was not quite her and that she would exchange it for a lighter shade, which left one very beautiful wig in a chocolate brown colour with no owner. My initial thought was 'ok, no probs i can just send her back to the manufacturer for someone else to purchase' Simple enough right?

In true addict fashion, i could not resist having a good look at her. the beautiful long dark remy hair, the glueless cap construction, the welded lace front! I could feel myself slipping towards keeping er for myself and my partner Gary could see this too, much to his frantic worry lol. Honestly he litterally had to pack her up and take her to the post office himself to stop me keeping her!

So she will be back with the manufacturer now, i am still feeling quite bitter towards Gary for making me give her up but i suppose he is right in a way, i dont need her....... i just wanted her.

So with my victory of just saying no to the wig, i felt quite proud of myself and all was going very well for me wig addiction wise for a few hours untill a friend of mine rang me to let me know that she had found out an old wig of hers from ages ago and wanted my opinion on it. Great i thought!

So after a few cuppas and a a chat she showed me this wig, the colour was a reddy brown colour (i would estimate a 30#) with a few blonde highlights (maybe a 24# or 27#?). I didnt really care much for the colour at first to be honest, after all i prefer to wither have very light blonde hair or very dark brown hair and i had never really considered the reddy or ginger toned wigs.

Well one thing led to another and before i knew it i was trying this wig on! My friend gasped as i turned around in the wig. 'Oh my god, thats your colour!' she said. Now me being me i just looked at her as if to say ...... 'are you taking the p**s?' Honestly i had never really considered this colour before.

Well my friend went off all alarming shouting my partner to come and look and everything, which was making me feel a bit strange to be honest! He came and looked and agreed with her about the colour.

Now, for those of you that dont really know me and have never met me, it would assist you to know that in the flesh, i am very pale skinned.... no not pale..... paler than pale, i am as pale as they come! And apparently this colour suits me. Pics below, would love everyones opinion!

Now, do bear in mind that this wig i have on above is not mine, so not my size, length or style in any way, i would just some comments on the colour..... Do you think it suits me?

Emma xxx
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sarayeardley said…
its pretty because you are pretty but i personnally prefer you blonde :-)
Hi ya, thanks for your comment! I do prfer to be either really light blonde or really dark, the auburn/red colour in the pic above is kind of an inbetween colour for me and i think i might get bored of it quickly , well quicker than i get bored with my wigs as it is lol. xx
Anonymous said…
I like you as a blonde. I wish you lived in washington state. I really do. You seem like someone I need in my life. lol I suffer from a hair pulling disorder. Ive had it almost my whole life. I went from long beautiful blonde hair to pulling all of my hair out on my scalp. It is sooooooooo awful. This disorder has made me so sad and now I think I am very ugly because of it. But I love wearing wigs. Nice looking wigs anyway. I spend 200 a month on wigs. Yikes huh? That 200 does not include dying the natural hair that I have either. lol. If I can ever get my real hair back i think I will still wear wigs. I love it. I love that I can take it off and be free of hair too. Society makes us think that if we dont have perfect hair that we are scum. So I try my best with my options. Thank god for my hair lady.

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