Christmas Time!

Hello everyone,

Well christmas is nearly upon us and as a self confessed wig addict this can be a very dangerous time (or equally as fantastic time depending on how you look at it!)

With every tom, dick and harry asking me what i would like for christmas i just cant stop myself saying 'New Hair please!'.

The first wig i tried when i was 12 years old was a synthetic wig and to be honest it was horrible, it looked like a wig and put me ready made synthetic wigs for life! Or so i thought until starting my business. One of the main advantages to running Advanced Lace Wigs is the fact that i can get a in depth understanding of all different kinds of wigs as my suppliers allow me to take a very hands on approach with all the different synthetic ready made wigs available from different ranges. My favourite ready made collections for synthetic wigs are Amore, Noriko, Jon Renau and Hi - Fashion. Now this is not to say i dont think the other brands out there are rubbish, its just that currently these are the Brands that i offer so i have personal experience with them,

Now, as many of you will know if you regulary read my Blog, i am a wig addict (as the blog title indicates!) and if a am ordering human hair wigs this can become a rather expensive carry on, so as money is tight for everyone at the moment (me included!) i have been leaning more towards a Branded synthetic wig as they are more affordable and easier to maintain.

After hours and hours of looking through my brochures i have come up with a short list of the ready made wigs i like for myself, though as far as colour choices go i am still undecided, maybe one in each colour may work!

The wigs i am thinking of getting are below,

From Left - Right - Misha (Hi Fahion) , Stevie (Amore), Reese (Noriko), Felicity (Hi Fashion)

Asyou can see 3 out of the 4 wigs on my short list are longer length styles, the Reese is the shorter length but i have had my eye on her for a while and to be honest i get alot of orders for the Reese wig and my clients love her so that tells me that there is definatly something about her.

As things are at the moment i am leaning more towards getting the Misha for sure, so to put it another way, i will def be purchasing the Misha Wig (colour undecided, suggestions please?) But the problem i am having is i cant decide between the other 3! Stevie looks really nice but then again so do the other 3! and there is no way i can justify getting all 4 of them!

If anyone reading this has any oponions let me know! Leave a comment! have you worn any of these wigs, tell us what you think!

I will write another Blog shortly when my chosen wig / s arrive (god help me!)

For now, take care and i hope the cold weather is not causing too many problems for you during the xmas shopping period!

Emma xxx
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