And then there was on Renau......

Oh my word, now i am really confusing myself!
In my last post, written just hours ago i spoke about how i was leaning towards buying the Misha Wig from the Hi - Fashion Collection. Well, after watching a few videos online and recieving some appreciated feedback from my clients my head is now swimming because Jon Renau has been thrown into the bag!

Not that it was ever 'out of the bag' , the Jon Renau collection of wigs are gorgeous and the new SmartLace collection needs some serious attention. It looks amazing. A glueless lace front wig made with high quality synthetic fibre.

After hours of searching online for vids of the new SmartLace collection i finally found some of people putting them on straight out of the box and they look amazing! That is all i needed to secure the deal, i am going for a new Jon Renau wig from the smartlace collection. I have narrowed my choices down to 2. Pics below

Nita and Julia - Nita has an open cap design so she will be light and coll to wear, she also has the welded lace front which gives a really natural hairline and is a short style so she will be easy to maintain.

Julia is a longer length with modern choppy layers and her cap design features a welded lace front and a monofiliment top so the parting can be changed for more styling versatility.

I think i want them both! but instead of my usual blonde colour i might go for something a little different. I like the darker colours especially the dark base colours with the red tones and highlights. Maybe one blonde and one dark?

Oh who knows!!

I will keep you updated with pics and a review when my new Jon Renau smartlace wig arrives, i am really excited to try this range out!

Emma xxx
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